Eli Just’s Manny Jones Series of exciting Supernatural Mystery Thrillers is a ‘Hitchcockian Styled’ tale of a blues singer living in the southern U.S. who becomes the point man in the struggle for the fate of the world. It’s ultimate evil against the ultimate Good. It’s a world that must be saved from an apocalyptical end.

The Manny Jones Series

The Manny Jones Series!

Zombies move over and prepare for the battle to beat the Apocalypse with good music and an unbelievable story line!

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Eli Just

Is Eli Just Manny Jones?

Eli Just, the author of the Manny Jones series, is a Southern blues musician and Harley biker. Coincidence? Learn more about Eli and you decide.

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Buy the Series

Buy the Manny Jones Series

Get your favorite book or the entire Series! Now available for the Kindle, Nook or you favorite e-book reader. You will love them ALL!

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Songs from Manny Jones Series

Eli Just CoverThe first CD of songs from the five volume 'Manny Jones Series of Supernatural Mystery Thriller Book Series'.
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